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How to Be a Better and Happier Individual

Be A Better And Happier Individual

Is it possible to become a better person than you actually are? Mybe.

Always look at yourself and others from the whole perspective that anything is every thing, and you may then become a better and happier you.


Perspective and Judgment

Through repeated mental training, you may begin to change for the better: becoming less easily angry and more readily loving and forgiving. More importantly, you may become more capable of assessing and analyzing the long- and short-term consequences of your actions on yourself as well as those on others. 

Gradually, you may no longer identify anyone as your “enemy” because, according to Tao wisdom, there should be no judgment, which is no comparison. With no judgment, you may also begin to see anything and everything in perspective, and in its own reality. All material things, people, and even your own body may not be the sources of your happiness. Instead, the material things you always crave may make you sad, the people you love may give your trouble, and the body you own may give you pain. 

No judgment is part and parcel of letting go, one of the essentials of Tao wisdom, and an indispensable ingredient in eliminating anger and envy, among many other negative emotions that are the real destroyers of your happiness in life. 


Hope and Despair

Mental calmness, which naturally brings mindfulness and concentration, is not only a powerful mental tool to develop true human wisdom, but also a recurrent source of genuine human happiness. Mental calmness gives rise to joy. Any external enemy, no matter how powerful, is unable to strike directly at your mental calmness, which is formless and hence untouchable. Only anger can destroy your mental calmness. To overcome anger, hatred, and other related negative emotions, train yourself to smile when you look at yourself in the mirror on waking up every morning. Your smile will bring altruism, love, and compassion. As you develop your basic sense of humanity, hope will also be born. Hope is not expectation. 

There are two kinds of hope: authentic hope and false hope. Authentic hope is a genuine belief in the goodness of human nature. False hope is expectation of results due to human efforts; more specifically, it is based on the human ego believing that “extra” human efforts can achieve and satisfy human desires, which include greed. 

According to Tao wisdom, expectation is the source of all human pain, which includes disappointment, leading to anger, despair, and regret, among many other negative emotions that may ultimately become your toxic thoughts and memories that make you unhappy.

Stephen Lau     
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