Thursday, January 11, 2018

Judgment and Perspective

Humans are very self-centred, always focusing on the ego-self. Accordingly, we always see things only from our own perspectives—that often becomes the source of all human conflicts, and hence the origin of most human miseries.

To make yourself become a better and a happier individual, you must learn to change your thinking. To do just that, you need human wisdom, and one of its essentials is mindfulness, which is awareness of what is going on in your mind, how you think, and how your thoughts create your so-called “realities” that are responsible for your happiness or unhappiness.

Judgment and Perspective

Through repeated mental training, you may begin to change for the better: becoming less easily angry and more readily loving and forgiving. More importantly, you may become more capable of assessing and analyzing the long- and short-term consequences of your actions on yourself as well as on others.

Slowly and gradually, you may no longer identify anyone as your “enemy” because, according to TAO wisdom, there should be “no judgment”—which is no comparison and contrast. You don’t compare person “A” with person “B”, or with yourself; and you don’t even compare your “present” self with your “past” self. The explanation is that everything remains only with that very present moment, because everything is changing every moment.

With no judgment, you may also begin to see anything and everything in perspective, and in its own reality. All material things, people, and even your own body may not be the sources of your happiness. Instead, the material things you always crave may make you sad, the people you love may give your trouble, and the body you own may give you pain. No judgment is part and parcel of letting go—one of the essentials of Tao wisdom, and an indispensable ingredient in eliminating anger and envy, among many other negative emotions that are the real destroyers of your happiness in life. Remember, everything is impermanent, and nothing lasts.


Stephen Lau
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