Monday, February 26, 2018

Are You Happy?

Are you happy? Or, why are you unhappy?
Happiness has much to do with attachments to the material world we are living in. Are you attached to your careers, your relationships, your past, your emotions, or your ego-self? Letting go of all your attachments is the only way to happiness. But letting go is not easy: it requires both human wisdom and spiritual wisdom.
The pursuit of human happiness is forever elusive and evasive. Why? It requires human wisdom to ask the right questions, and spiritual wisdom to seek self-enlightening answers to the questions asked throughout one’s life journey.
Human wisdom comes from the mind: an empty mindset with reverse thinking; mindfulness living in the present with no expectation and no picking; and spontaneity with understanding of the natural cycle of all things, that is, what goes up must also come down. The ancient Tao wisdom from China may enhance human wisdom.
With human wisdom, one may see the wisdom of letting go of all attachments in the material world. Attachments are the raw materials with which one often creates the self-delusive realities of the ego-self. Letting go of the ego and all its attachments may let one see the true nature of everything: who one really is, not who one wishes to become, and what one really needs, not what one desires.
The ego is the human flaw that not only undermines the natural human wisdom but also distorts the lens through which one sees the world around. Therefore, one needs spiritual wisdom to complement the inadequate human wisdom, to guide the soul on one’s life journey. Spiritual wisdom can only be attained through trust and obedience to the Creator, which is letting go to let God.

Stephen Lau
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