Thursday, March 22, 2018

Happiness and Wisdom

Happiness and Wisdom

Thinking is a process of self-intuition through asking relevant questions to create not only self-awareness but also self-introspection. It is the natural habit of the thinking mind to try to solve problems by asking specific questions. Solving problems with relevant questions is self-empowering the human mind to attain human wisdom because it creates the intent to learn, to discover, and then to change for the better. Without the ultimate change, life often becomes static, boring, and ultimately unhappy.

Wisdom has much to do with how the human mind processes life experiences, and asking questions about how and why those experiences occured.

We all process our experiences in different ways in different phases of our lives. All our thoughts associated with our own past experiences are indelibly etched in our subconscious minds, and inevitably creating our different emotions and feelings, both positive and negative ones, in different phases in our lives.

Human life is complex, and living is always complicated. To truly understand what life is all about, you must distill life to one simple but difficult question: “Am I happy?”

If you are unhappy, why are you unhappy?

Maybe there is one more question you should also ask yourself: “Am I wise?” Happiness and wisdom are related. Read my most recent book: The HappinessWisdom.

Stephen Lau
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