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A Healthy Love Relationship to Overcome Depression

A Healthy Love Relationship to Overcome Depression

 Dealing with a failing relationship

 Hanging on to a failing relationship to change a man you want to change is unrealistic.

Hanging on to a damaging relationship to avoid heartache and pain is not worth the effort.

Confront the reality. Pain is painful, but learn to deal with it. It you don’t deal with a failing relationship, you become depressed.

According to the Oriental wisdom, in life, pain may not be an option, but suffering is often a choice. Sadly, suffering is often unknowingly self-inflicted through explanation, rationalization, and over-indulgence. With or without them, the pain is still there, whether you like it or not. According to Eastern wisdom, you need not welcome or reject pain in your life. But you don't have to turn your pain into perpetual suffering in the form of depression. The pain is there, but you need not prolong your suffering unnecessarily.

Just move on with your life! Put your energy on changing yourself in areas you feel need to change, such as your behaviors and your lifestyle. To initiate meaningful changes in your life for a better love relationship further down the road: your must see the reasons to change; you must have the right attitudes about changing; and you must change your behaviors to bring about the changes.

Meanwhile, look for another healthy love relationship, not just sexual fulfillment. You will not die from not having sex! Control your impulse, and stay hopeful and positive. 

Making a good love relationship better

 If you are enjoying a good love relationship of your life, continue to enjoy it. More importantly, cherish it, and turn it into a better and more fruitful one.

Do not expect your man to be perfect. Accept him for what he is and who he is. Remember, you, too, are imperfect.

Do not compare your man to other men. You must like him for what he is, for all his strengths and weaknesses. Remember, he is a unique individual, and don’t attempt to change him.

Do not nag your man if he does not do what you want him to do. Neither do you threaten him. Remember, both nagging and threatening may not get you what you want; they certainly do not contribute to a successful love relationship.

Do not be bossy. Do not tell him what to do. Remember, asking you what to do is not the same as telling him what to do.

Do not worship your man. Just appreciate him, and treat him with respect and dignity. Remember, you expect him to reciprocate.

Do not punish your man with your behavior, such as withholding sex. Remember punishing with behavior is a childish act that often turns a man off.

Do not always agree with your man. Hold him responsible for his wrongdoing. Men do not respect women who put up with anything and everything. Remember, your input or criticism should be given in a loving and constructive manner.

Do not see things only from your own perspective. Remember, there are two sides of a coin.

God gives you the freedom to choose whom you date and whom you marry. You have to decide how you are going to make that decision, and this is often reflected in how you live your life. It is your choice, and only you can decide for yourself.

Remember, a healthy love relationship frees you from depression.

Stephen Lau
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