Monday, January 22, 2018

Depression By Choice Not By Chance

Are you depressed right now?

Your Thoughts Put You Where You Are

You are where you are right now by choice and not by chance. You may not like where you are—depressed—but you will continue to remain there unless you are willing to change your thinking mind and to accept the notion that you are where you are for the specific purpose of learning how to grow and transform yourself in order to get away from where you are right now. Without this acute awareness, you will continue to remain in your status quo.

Remember, your circumstances do not make you the person you are; they only reflect what you truly are. So, if you do not like what you have now become due to the circumstances, you must be prepared to transform yourself by changing your thinking. You are the creator of your own conditions and circumstances.

Thinking question

Every morning, on waking up, ask yourself: Do I like what I see in the mirror?

Your Thoughts Become Who You Are

You are who you are by virtue of your thinking, and your thoughts become the essence of your personality.

You are the products of your thoughts, because you identify yourself with the thoughts in your subconscious mind. In other words, you “think” you are who you are by reason of the thoughts absorbed in your subconscious mind. Because the absorption is spontaneous and automatic, your subconscious mind is incapable of analyzing or validating their authenticity; that is to say, what you “think” you are may not be the “real” person that you really are.

Harness Your Mind Power

Your mind power is totally within yourself. What you really need is self-discovery through self-analysis with complete honesty. If you learn to observe, control, and change your thoughts, you will become the master of your thoughts, thereby instrumental in changing who you think you are and what you have now become.

The only way to empower your mind is through your higher self—the place where your mind operates and your thoughts originate from.

THE BOOK OF LIFE AND LIVING may help you empower your mind to live the life you want to live.

This book is about the art of living well through understanding and embracing the wisdom of Tao—the wisdom of Lao Tzu succinctly expressed in TAO TECHING, one of the most translated works in world literature. However, Tao wisdom is simple but difficult to understand. THE BOOK OF LIFE AND LIVING explains in simple language with common everyday examples to illustrate the essence of Tao wisdom and how it may integrate with conventional wisdom to live a life of your choice.

This 200-page book is full of wisdom based on the author’s extensive research and personal experience. In this book, you will learn the following:

(1) Eliminating unproductive thoughts, and overcoming chaotic struggles in your inner world and outer life to enhance health and performance, master stress, and deepen appreciation of life.

(2) Understanding the essentials of contemporary wisdom and ancient wisdom to help you contemplate and internalize their respective meanings and values in your daily life

(3) Harnessing mind power to operate your mind to integrate the acquired knowledge into your daily activities.

THE BOOK OF LIFE ANDLIVING is the wisdom in the art of living well.

Stephen Lau
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